About Us


AbSci is a global leader in cutting-edge protein production technologies committed to reducing costs in the biopharmaceutical industry. AbSci’s technology enables dramatic reductions in the cost of producing novel and existing biologics, acceleration of drug discovery timelines, and increased efficiency and flexibility throughout the manufacturing process. 


AbSci’s next-generation E. coli expression platform, SoluPro™, achieves revolutionary yields of soluble and active protein and peptide products and in less time than current expression systems. SoluPro™ expresses proteins intracellularly while avoiding appreciable formation of aggregates. AbSci's expression platform is versatile, having demonstrated success with a wide range of soluble protein products, including many that are traditionally viewed as difficult to express, and scales efficiently using existing manufacturing infrastructure.


If you are interested in enabling significant yield improvements and process flexibility for your protein or peptide manufacturing processes, please contact us.


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